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September 16 2016

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How to properly cross the finish line

June 11 2015



October 21 2013

하니라면。: I'm so mad at this buyer


As some of you may know, I’ve been trying to sell my taemin collection away.

So sometime in September I listed some of my cards on eBay. This buyer bought two of my cards, and the usual, I placed the cards in penny sleeves, then top loader, bubblewrapped it and sent it out!
I sent the cards…

reblogging - beware of buyers who try to scam sellers too! 

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131009 ASF - Kris

October 16 2013

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131009 Asia Song Festival - Crayon Pop soyul 

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131006 Gangnam Hallyu Festival - Infinite Hoya

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131009 Asia Song Festival - Girls day hyeri

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131006 Gangnam Hallyu Festival - Kai & Luhan ;w; 
where are your hands guys ;w;

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131006 Gangnam Hallyu Festival - shinee minho

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131009 Asia Song Festival - Emcee Hyukjae ♥

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131010 MU:CON - mblaq G.O

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131010 MU:CON rehearsal - mblaq Mir

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131003 GMarket STAYG6 - Girls Day Hyeri

October 12 2013

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131009 ASF emcee hyukjae

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131010 mu:con drunkentigerjk

September 18 2013

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April 20 2013

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Happy birthday to our lovely deer, Luhan!! ♥♥

Play fullscreen

Happy Birthday Luhan! ♥


그래서 오늘 고백 할게

달이 차고 내 마음도 차고
이대로 담아 두기엔 너무 안타까워 너를 향해 가는데
달은 내게 오라 손짓하고
귓속에 얘길 하네 지금 이 순간이 바로 그 순간이야

제일 마음에 드는 옷을 입고 노란 꽃 한 송이를 손에 들고
널 바라 보다 그만 나도 모르게 웃어버렸네

이게 아닌데 내 마음은 이게 아닌데
널 위해 준비한 오백가지 멋진 말이 남았는데
사랑 한다는 그 흔한 말이 아니야
그 보단 더욱더 로맨틱하고 달콤한 말을 준비했단 말이야

나를 봐줘요 내 말을 들어봐 줘요
아무리 생각을 하고 또 해도 믿어지 지 않을 만큼 사랑해


The moon seems cold, so is my heart
to leave it like this
I feel it could be so regrettable
I find my way toward you
The moon says, gestures me to come towards it
and it whispers to me
right now is the moment you wanted

I put on my favorite clothes
I take a single yellow rose in my hand while I stared at you,
without me knowing, I gave out a laugh

this wasn’t it
this wasn’t what my heart had planned
for you the things I’ve prepared, I have over 500 cool things to say
I love you, not something cheesy like that
It is more, I’ve prepared something romantic and sweet

Do look at me, do listen to me

No matter how many times I think about it, over and over again to where
I can’t believe it exists, that’s how much I love you

A small little video that i made, filled with you, you and only you. 
생일 축하해요, 给特别的你♥

January 22 2013

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130115 GDA - LUHAN (我也会飞~艺兴你表pia我~~)

do not edit. 禁二改。2차가공금지!

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do not edit. 禁二改。2차가공금지!

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